FISHopt® FISH Fixation Solution

MoKi FISHopt® (FISH fixation solution) is optimized for the fixation of microbiological samples for molecular biological analysis like FISH, PCR and microbiome analysis.
The fixation of the sample material is prerequisite for optimal FISH results and sensitive, contamination-free PCR for the detection of pathogens.

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FISH Control Slides

FISH quality control requires suitable positive and negative controls to ensure sensitive and specific results.

However, the control microorganisms may not be easy to have always ready at hand. Therefore, we offer storage-stable and standardized control slides as quality controls customized for your FISH experiments.

Our patented control slides allow for assuring sensitivity and specificity of the FISH probes. In addition, the slides control the suitability of your microscope set-up: focus level, light intensity, wavelengths, filter sets. Furthermore, our control slides offer a first impression of FISH microscopy: morphology and size of different microorganisms, probe specificity and sensitivity.

We offer control slides with standard combinations of clinically relevant microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) and customized combinations of microbial species according to individual specifications.